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AP12-75 - Amstron 12V / 75Ah SLA Battery w/ NB Terminal
Amstron 12V / 75Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery - NB Terminal

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Product Details
DescriptionAmstron AGM AP12-75 SLA Batteries aremaintenance free, rugged and economical. Amstron SLA batteries are utilized in a wide variety of applications including electric vehicles, wheelchairs, scooters, UPS backups, computer systems, industrial and medical equipment and more.
Delivering power when you need it, the AP12-75 uses a state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance
  • Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position
  • High energy density
  • Approved for transport by air.
  • UL recognized under file number MH47341
  • UPC Code880487231582
    Warranty2 Year Warranty
    Weight (lbs)51.8
    DC Output
    Max Watts
    OEM Part Number(s)LP12-75H
    Fits Models
    21st Century Bounder Plus 23.5" Narrow Base H-Frame21st Century Bounder Plus Conventional
    21st Century Bounder Plus H-Frame21st Century Bounder Plus Standing H-Frame
    Access SLA12600Access SLA12750
    ActiveCare Osprey 4410Afikim Breeze 3
    Afikim Breeze 4Afikim Breeze 4 Wide Seat
    Afikim Breeze GTAfikim Breeze GT Wide Seat
    Afikim Sportster B&CAfikim Sportster B&C Wide Seat
    Afikim Sportster PorterAfikim Sportster SE Wide Seat
    Amstron 12V 75AhAmstron 12V 77Ah
    Amstron AP12-75Amstron AP12-75D
    C&D UPS 12-225C&D UPS 12-270
    C&D UPS 55CSB 12V 75Ah
    CSB EVX12750CSB GH12600
    CSB GPL12750CSB HRL12280W
    CSB XTV12750Dalton Tacahe Heavy Duty PC-P710V
    Deka 24HR3000SDouglas Guardian DBG12-70UTH
    Douglas Guardian DBG12-80MDouglas Guardian DBG1255J
    Douglas Guardian DBG1260Douglas Guardian DBG1270J
    Douglas Guardian DG12-70UTHDouglas Guardian DG12-80M
    Douglas Guardian DG1255JDouglas Guardian DG1260
    Douglas Guardian DG1270JEnerSys NP75-12
    EV Rider Royale 4EV Rider Royale 4 Cargo
    EV Rider Royale 4 DualEV Rider Stand-N-Ride
    Everest & Jennings Lancer 2000Everest & Jennings Solaire
    Evermed ECW Explorer WideExide EP70-12
    Exide EP75-12WFreerider FR510GDX
    Hawker Cyclon 12V 77AhHawker Cyclon 12GA75
    Haze HZB12-80Hoveround Teknique HD
    Hoveround Teknique XHDIBT BT75-12
    IBT BT75-12HCIBT BT80-12HC
    IBT BT85-12Interstate 12V 77Ah
    Interstate SLA0019Interstate SLA0049
    Interstate SLA0073Interstate SLA1175
    Interstate SLA1176Interstate SLA1177
    Interstate SLA1510Interstate SLA2535
    Invacare 3G Arrow Storm RWDInvacare 3G Ranger X RWD
    Invacare 3G Torque SP RWDInvacare TDX3
    Invacare TDX5Johnson Controls JC12550
    Johnson Controls MPS1275Jolt XSA12800A
    Kinetik KHC1800Kung Long WP75-12
    Merits Health Products P710 Atlantis Power ChairMerits Health Products P7101 Atlantis Power Chair
    Merits Health Products P7102 Atlantis Power ChairMerits Health Products P720 Atlantis 2 Power Chair
    Merits Health Products P7201 Atlantis 2 Power ChairMerits Health Products P7202 Atlantis 2 Power Chair
    Merits Health Products S331 Pioneer 9 ScooterMerits Health Products S337 Pioneer 9 Scooter
    Merits Health Products S3371 Pioneer 9 ScooterMerits Health Products S341Pioneer 10 Scooter
    Merits Health Products S347 Pioneer 10 ScooterMerits Health Products S3471 Pioneer 10 Scooter
    MK 24 PERMMK 8A24
    MK E24SLDOrthofab Kameleon
    Pace Saver ExplorerPace Saver Scout Boss 4.5
    Pace Saver Scout Boss 5Pace Saver Scout Boss 6
    Pace Saver Scout Boss 6.75Pace Saver Scout Boss 6NS
    Pace Saver Scout RFPanasonic 12V 75Ah
    Panasonic 12V 77AhPanasonic LC-R12V60P
    Power-Sonic 12V 75AhPower-Sonic 12V 77Ah
    Power-Sonic PG-12V75TFRPower-Sonic PHR-12300
    Power-Sonic PS-12750Pride Mini Crosser 3 Wheel
    Pride Mini Crosser 4 WheelPride Pursuit XL
    Quantum Blast 850Quantum Q1420
    Quantum Q1650Quantum Q6000
    Quantum Q6000Z PediatricQuantum R-4000
    Quickie G-424Quickie Groove
    Quickie P-200Quickie P-210
    Quickie P-220Quickie P-222
    Quickie P-222 SEQuickie Rhythm
    Quickie S-622Quickie S-646
    Rascal 655Rascal 710 PC
    Ritar 12V 75AhRitar 12V 77Ah
    Ritar RA12-75Ritar RA12-75D
    Ritar RA12-75HRitar RA12-80D
    Shoprider 6Runner 14Shoprider Flagship
    Shoprider GolfRiderShoprider HD
    Shoprider Sprinter Jumbo XLShoprider Sprinter XL3 Deluxe
    Shoprider Sprinter XL4 DeluxeShuriken SK-BT80
    Sonnenschein A212/55ATempest TR75-12A
    Tempest TR75-12BTempest TR80-12A
    Trojan MG75BHTuffcare Challenger 2500 Extra Wide
    Tuffcare Challenger 2540 Extra Wide ReclinerUnion MX-12500
    Union MX-12550Universal (UPG) UB12750
    Vision 6FM75-XWheelcare Porter
    Wheelcare SportsterYuasa 12V 77Ah
    Yuasa NP75-12
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