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Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System
Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System
Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System
Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System
Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System
Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System
Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System
Amstron® UltraXP-1.8® Portable Power System

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Product Details
DescriptionAmstron®'s UltraXP-1.8® Power Bank is the perfect companion for your cell phone, and can be used with your PDA, iPhone®, iPod®, and most other USB powered devices with the use of their factory original USB cord. This high capacity universal battery is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet provides 1800mAh of power; ideal for long flights and business trips.

This Power Bank also comes equipped with a brilliant LED battery indicator that lets you know how much battery power is left. The UltraXP-1.8® battery pack can be recharged from any computer USB port. Never be caught without power again on vacations, business trips or long drives. Stay connected and charged with the UltraXP-1.8®.


  • Compatible with all mobile phones charged by USB port
  • Charges: Cell Phones, iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, eBook readers (Kindle®, Nook®, Sony® Readers, etc), Digital Camera, MP3/MP4 Players and other USB Devices
  • 3 Step LED display
  • Holiday Special Sale

    *iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
    **Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within atbatt.com website are the property of their respective trademark holders in the United States and other countries. These trademark holders are not affiliated with Amstron Power Solution, Inc.
    ***USB cable for charging devices not included - please use the original USB cable included with your device

  • UPC Code880487226069
    Warranty1 Year Warranty
    Weight (lbs)0.25
    DC Output
    Max Watts
    Fits Models
    AIPTEK Pocket DV5800Audiovox CDM-8600
    Audiovox CDM-8630Audiovox CDM-8900
    Audiovox PPC-6600Audiovox PPC-6601
    Audiovox XV6600BlackBerry 6230
    BlackBerry 6280BlackBerry 6510
    BlackBerry 6710BlackBerry 6750
    BlackBerry 7100iBlackBerry 7100q
    BlackBerry 7100rBlackBerry 7100t
    BlackBerry 7100vBlackBerry 7100x
    BlackBerry 7105tBlackBerry 7130c
    BlackBerry 7130eBlackBerry 7130q
    BlackBerry 7210BlackBerry 7230
    BlackBerry 7250BlackBerry 7280
    BlackBerry 7290BlackBerry 7510
    BlackBerry 7520BlackBerry 7730
    BlackBerry 7750BlackBerry 7780
    BlackBerry 8700cBlackBerry 8700f
    BlackBerry 8700qBlackBerry 8700r
    BlackBerry 8700vBlackBerry 8703e
    BlackBerry 8705gBlackBerry Bold 9000
    BlackBerry Bold 9650BlackBerry Bold 9700
    BlackBerry Bold 9930BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900
    BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330
    BlackBerry Curve 8300BlackBerry Curve 8310
    BlackBerry Curve 8320BlackBerry Curve 8330
    BlackBerry Curve 8520BlackBerry Curve 8530i
    BlackBerry Curve 8900BlackBerry Curve 9350
    BlackBerry Curve 9360BlackBerry Curve 9370
    BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100BlackBerry Pearl 8100
    BlackBerry Pearl 8110BlackBerry Pearl 8120
    BlackBerry Pearl 8130BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
    BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230BlackBerry Storm 2 9550
    BlackBerry Storm 9500BlackBerry Storm 9530
    BlackBerry Style 9670BlackBerry Thunder 9500
    BlackBerry Torch 9800BlackBerry Torch 9810
    BlackBerry Torch 9850 TouchBlackBerry Torch 9860 Touch
    BlackBerry Tour 9630Coby CAM5000
    Danger Sidekick SlideFlip Video Mino
    Flip Video MinoHDFlip Video Ultra
    Flip Video UltraHDHTC 8100
    HTC 8925HTC Amaze 4G
    HTC ApacheHTC Aria
    HTC ArriveHTC Bliss
    HTC Blue AngelHTC ChaCha
    HTC DashHTC Dash 3G
    HTC DesireHTC Diamond Victor
    HTC Droid ErisHTC Droid Incredible
    HTC Droid Incredible 2HTC Droid Incredible HD
    HTC EVO Design 4GHTC EVO Shift 4G
    HTC Evo View 4GHTC Flyer
    HTC Freestyle PD53100HTC Fusion
    HTC FuzeHTC G1
    HTC G2 VanguardHTC G2 Vision
    HTC Google G2HTC Google Nexus One
    HTC HarrierHTC HD7
    HTC HD7SHTC Herald
    HTC Hero S - CDMAHTC Holiday
    HTC Inspire 4GHTC Kaiser
    HTC MagicHTC Mogul
    HTC MP6950HTC my Touch 3G
    HTC myTouch 3G SlideHTC myTouch 4G
    HTC MyTouch 4G SlideHTC Nexus One
    HTC P3450HTC P4000
    HTC P4350HTC PPC6800
    HTC PPC6850HTC Pure
    HTC Radar 4GHTC Rezound
    HTC RhymeHTC S620
    HTC S621 ExaliburHTC Sensation 4G
    HTC StatusHTC Surround
    HTC ThunderboltHTC Thunderbolt 2
    HTC Tilt 2HTC Tilt 8925
    HTC TitanHTC Titan II
    HTC TornadoHTC Touch
    HTC Touch 3GHTC Touch Diamond
    HTC Touch Diamond2HTC Touch Dual
    HTC Touch HDHTC Touch Pro
    HTC Touch Pro XV6850HTC Trophy
    HTC TyTN IIHTC Vigor
    HTC VividHTC Vogue
    HTC WildfireHTC Wildfire S
    HTC WingHTC XV6800
    HTC XV6900Huawei M318
    Huawei U8150 CometInsignia NS-DV1080P
    Insignia NS-DV720PInsignia NS-DV720PBL
    JVC PicsioKodak PLAYSPORT
    Kodak Zi8Kyocera Adreno S2400
    Kyocera AktivKyocera Angel
    Kyocera BladeKyocera Candid
    Kyocera CyclopsKyocera Domino S1310
    Kyocera DoradoKyocera Echo
    Kyocera EnergiKyocera Jax
    Kyocera JetKyocera K10
    Kyocera K312Kyocera K322
    Kyocera K323Kyocera K325
    Kyocera K404Kyocera K480
    Kyocera K484LCKyocera K484NC
    Kyocera K484XLCKyocera K484XNC
    Kyocera K490Kyocera K493
    Kyocera K493LCKyocera K494
    Kyocera K494LCKyocera K494NC
    Kyocera K494XLCKyocera K612
    Kyocera K7Kyocera K9
    Kyocera KE413Kyocera KE413C
    Kyocera KE414Kyocera KE414C
    Kyocera KE423CKyocera KE424c
    Kyocera KE433Kyocera KE433c
    Kyocera KE434CKyocera KX1
    Kyocera KX13Kyocera KX16
    Kyocera KX160Kyocera KX18
    Kyocera KX1iKyocera KX1v
    Kyocera KX21Kyocera KX413
    Kyocera KX414Kyocera KX424
    Kyocera KX433Kyocera KX433C
    Kyocera KX434Kyocera KX440
    Kyocera KX444Kyocera KX5
    Kyocera Laylo M1400Kyocera Loft
    Kyocera Mako S4000Kyocera Melo S1300
    Kyocera Neo E1100Kyocera Phantom
    Kyocera RaveKyocera Rio E3100
    Kyocera RoyaleKyocera S2100
    Kyocera SliderKyocera Slider Remix
    Kyocera SoHoKyocera Strobe
    Kyocera SwitchBackKyocera Tempo E2000
    Kyocera TNT!Kyocera Tomo S2410
    Kyocera Torino S2300Kyocera X-tc M2000
    Kyocera XcursionKyocera Zio M6000
    LG Accolade VX5600LG Ally
    LG ApexLG Arena
    LG Attune UN270LG AX155
    LG AX245LG AX265 Banter
    LG AX275LG AX300
    LG AX310LG AX355
    LG AX380LG AX390
    LG AX4270LG AX4750
    LG AX5000LG AX565
    LG AX840 TritanLG AX8600
    LG AxisLG Banter Touch
    LG Beacon MN270LG Bliss UX700
    LG C2000LG CE110
    LG CF360LG CG225
    LG CG300LG Cherry Chocolate
    LG ChocolateLG Chocolate 3
    LG Chocolate TouchLG Clout
    LG Cookie StyleLG Cosmo Touch
    LG CosmosLG Cosmos 2
    LG Cosmos TouchLG CT810 Incite
    LG CU320LG CU400
    LG CU405LG CU500
    LG CU515LG CU720
    LG CU915LG CU920
    LG DareLG Decoy
    LG dLiteLG DoublePlay
    LG EncoreLG Enlighten VS700
    LG enVLG enV2
    LG EnvoyLG Esteem MS910
    LG eXpo GW820LG Extravert
    LG FathomLG Flare
    LG ForceLG G2x
    LG GenesisLG Glimmer
    LG GR500 XenonLG GS170
    LG GT365 NeonLG GU292
    LG GU295LG Helix UX310
    LG IgniteLG Imprint
    LG InvisionLG KF757
    LG KS500LG LG357
    LG LG840 Spyder IILG Lotus
    LG Lotus EliteLG LX160
    LG LX260LG LX265 Rumor2
    LG LX350LG LX370
    LG LX400LG Lyric MT375
    LG Marquee LS855LG Migo
    LG MM-535LG Muziq
    LG MystiqueLG myTouch
    LG myTouch QLG Neon II
    LG Nitro HDLG Octane
    LG Optimus 2xLG Optimus 3D
    LG Optimus CLG Optimus M
    LG Optimus SLG Optimus Slider LS700
    LG Optimus TLG Optimus U
    LG Optimus VLG Phoenix P505
    LG PM-225LG PM-325
    LG QuantumLG Quantum C900
    LG RemarqLG Revere VN150
    LG Revolution VS910LG Rhythm AX585
    LG RumorLG Rumor Touch
    LG Rumor2LG Saber UN200
    LG ScoopLG Script
    LG SelectLG Sentio GS505
    LG ShineLG Shine II
    LG SpectrumLG Spectrum VS920
    LG SpyderLG Thrill 4G
    LG Thrive P506LG UX210
    LG UX220LG UX245
    LG UX260LG UX265 Banter
    LG UX300LG UX355
    LG UX370LG UX380
    LG UX390LG UX4750
    LG UX5000LG UX565
    LG UX830LG UX840
    LG VLG Vantage
    LG VenusLG VI-125
    LG VortexLG Vortex VS660
    LG VoyagerLG VS740
    LG VS750LG Vu
    LG Vu PlusLG VX1000
    LG VX10000LG VX11000 enV Touch
    LG VX3200LG VX3400
    LG VX3450LG VX4270
    LG VX4500LG VX4650
    LG VX4700LG VX4750
    LG VX5200LG VX5300
    LG VX5400LG VX5500
    LG VX5550LG VX6100
    LG VX6200LG VX7000
    LG VX8100LG VX8300
    LG VX8350LG VX8360
    LG VX8500 ChocolateLG VX8560
    LG VX8575LG VX8600
    LG VX8610LG VX8700
    LG VX8800LG VX9100
    LG VX9100 enV2LG VX9200 enV3
    LG VX9400LG VX9600 Versa
    LG VX9700LG VX9800
    LG WaveLG White Chocolate
    LG Wine IILG Wine UX280
    LG Wink C100LG Xenon GR500
    Memorex MyVideo HDMemorex MyVideo VGA
    Motorola A455 RivalMotorola A630
    Motorola A668Motorola A840
    Motorola A855Motorola a955
    Motorola ACTV W450Motorola Admiral
    Motorola Adventure V750Motorola Atrix 2
    Motorola Atrix 4GMotorola Backflip
    Motorola Barrage V860Motorola Bionic XT875
    Motorola Boost i215Motorola Bravo MB520
    Motorola Brute i686Motorola C139
    Motorola C155Motorola C168i
    Motorola C250Motorola C256
    Motorola C257Motorola C261
    Motorola C290Motorola C330
    Motorola C331Motorola C331 TDMA
    Motorola C331 with antennaMotorola C331g
    Motorola C332Motorola C332t
    Motorola C333Motorola C333 GSM
    Motorola C333cMotorola C343
    Motorola C343aMotorola C350
    Motorola C350gMotorola C353
    Motorola C353 TDMAMotorola C353g
    Motorola C353tMotorola C359
    Motorola C650Motorola Charm MB502
    Motorola Citrus WX445Motorola CLIQ
    Motorola Cliq 2Motorola Cliq XT
    Motorola Clutch i465Motorola Crush
    Motorola DaytonaMotorola Debut i856
    Motorola Defy MB525Motorola Devour A555
    Motorola DroidMotorola Droid 2
    Motorola Droid 2 GlobalMotorola Droid 3 XT862
    Motorola Droid 4Motorola Droid Bionic
    Motorola Droid ProMotorola Droid RAZR
    Motorola Droid RAZR MAXXMotorola Droid X
    Motorola Droid X2Motorola E310
    Motorola E380Motorola E398
    Motorola E550Motorola E815
    Motorola E816Motorola ELECTRIFY MB855
    Motorola EM28Motorola EM330
    Motorola Entice W766Motorola ES400S
    Motorola Evoke QA4Motorola EX124G
    Motorola Flipout MB511Motorola Flipside MB508
    Motorola GraspMotorola Hint QA30
    Motorola HollywoodMotorola i205
    Motorola i215Motorola i265
    Motorola i275Motorola i285
    Motorola i290Motorola i305
    Motorola i30sxMotorola i315
    Motorola i325Motorola i335
    Motorola i355Motorola i35s
    Motorola i365Motorola i365IS
    Motorola i412Motorola i415
    Motorola i420Motorola i425
    Motorola i450Motorola i455
    Motorola i50sxMotorola i530
    Motorola i55srMotorola i560
    Motorola i570Motorola i580
    Motorola i58srMotorola i605
    Motorola i60cMotorola i615
    Motorola i670Motorola i710
    Motorola i720Motorola i730
    Motorola i733Motorola i736
    Motorola i740Motorola i760
    Motorola i830Motorola i833
    Motorola i835Motorola i836
    Motorola i850Motorola i855
    Motorola i85sMotorola i860
    Motorola i870Motorola i875
    Motorola i880Motorola i885
    Motorola i886Motorola i88s
    Motorola i90Motorola i90c
    Motorola i920Motorola i930
    Motorola i95Motorola ic402 Blend
    Motorola ic502 BuzzMotorola ic602 Buzz Plus
    Motorola ic902 DeluxeMotorola Kobe MB520
    Motorola Krave ZN4Motorola KRZR K1
    Motorola KRZR K1mMotorola L2
    Motorola L6Motorola MB300
    Motorola MB810Motorola Milestone XT720
    Motorola Ming A1200Motorola PEBL U6
    Motorola PHOTON 4GMotorola Q
    Motorola Q GlobalMotorola Q9
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    Motorola Q9mMotorola QA1 Karma
    Motorola Quantico W845Motorola Quench
    Motorola RamblerMotorola Rapture VU30
    Motorola RAZR maxx VeMotorola RAZR V3
    Motorola RAZR V3aMotorola RAZR V3c
    Motorola RAZR V3eMotorola RAZR V3i
    Motorola RAZR V3mMotorola RAZR V3r
    Motorola RAZR V3sMotorola RAZR V3t
    Motorola RAZR V3xxMotorola RAZR V9x
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    Motorola T720iMotorola T721
    Motorola T722Motorola T722i
    Motorola T725Motorola T725e
    Motorola T730Motorola T730c
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    Motorola ZINE ZN5Nextel 2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup SeriesTM Driver Phones
    Nextel Bobby Jones i99clTMNextel Boost i215
    Nextel Buzz PlusNextel i1
    Nextel i205Nextel i215
    Nextel i265Nextel i275
    Nextel i285Nextel i296
    Nextel i30Nextel i305
    Nextel i30sxNextel i315
    Nextel i325Nextel i355
    Nextel i35sNextel i35sTM
    Nextel i365Nextel i365IS
    Nextel i415Nextel i425
    Nextel i450Nextel i455
    Nextel i50Nextel i50sr
    Nextel i50sxNextel i50sxTM
    Nextel i530Nextel i55sr
    Nextel i55srTMNextel i560
    Nextel i570Nextel i576
    Nextel i58srNextel i605
    Nextel i60cNextel i60cTM
    Nextel i615Nextel i670
    Nextel i680 BruteNextel i686 Brute
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    Nextel i830Nextel i833
    Nextel i835Nextel i836
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    Nextel i875Nextel i886
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    Nextel i90c Special EditionTMNextel i90cTM
    Nextel i920Nextel i930
    Nextel i95Nextel i95clTM
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    Nextel ic502Nextel ic502 Buzz
    Nextel ic602 Buzz PlusNikon Coolpix S600
    Nikon COOLPIX S640Nikon COOLPIX S70
    Nokia 1006Nokia 1100
    Nokia 1616Nokia 2115i
    Nokia 2116iNokia 2125i
    Nokia 2126iNokia 2128i
    Nokia 2320 classicNokia 2600 Classic
    Nokia 2605 MirageNokia 2700 Classic
    Nokia 2705 ShadeNokia 2720
    Nokia 2720 FoldNokia 2730 Classic
    Nokia 2855iNokia 2865i
    Nokia 3120 ClassicNokia 3155i
    Nokia 3600 SlideNokia 5100 Classic
    Nokia 5100 NewNokia 5130 XpressMusic
    Nokia 5230 NuronNokia 5310 XpressMusic
    Nokia 5530 GamesNokia 5530 XpressMusic
    Nokia 5610 XpressMusicNokia 5630 XpressMusic
    Nokia 5730 XpressMusicNokia 5800 XpressMusic
    Nokia 6016iNokia 6019i
    Nokia 6100 ClassicNokia 6100 New
    Nokia 6102iNokia 6120c classic
    Nokia 6165iNokia 6170 Classic
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    Nokia 6235iNokia 6236i
    Nokia 6255iNokia 6256i
    Nokia 6260Nokia 6265i
    Nokia 6275iNokia 6300i
    Nokia 6301Nokia 6350
    Nokia 6600 FoldNokia 6600 Slide
    Nokia 6650 foldNokia 7205 intrigue
    Nokia 7510Nokia 7610 Supernova
    Nokia 7900 PrismNokia 8600 Luna
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    Nokia C3-00Nokia C3-01 Touch
    Nokia C3-01 TypeNokia C6-00
    Nokia C6-01Nokia C7-00
    Nokia E5-00Nokia E50
    Nokia E51Nokia E61i
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    Nokia N86 8MPNokia N90
    Nokia N900Nokia N91
    Nokia N95Nokia N96
    Nokia N97Nokia N97 mini
    Nokia ShortyNokia Surge 6790
    Nokia Twist 7705Nokia VI-3155
    Nokia X2-01Nokia X3
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    RCA EZC209HDSamsung 4G LTE
    Samsung AcclaimSamsung Admire
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    Samsung Focus FlashSamsung Focus S
    Samsung Freeform IISamsung Freeform III
    Samsung Galaxy Attain 4GSamsung Galaxy Indulge
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-I515Samsung Galaxy Note
    Samsung Galaxy Note IISamsung Galaxy Prevail
    Samsung Galaxy Rugby SGH-i547Samsung Galaxy S 4G
    Samsung Galaxy S II - AT&TSamsung Galaxy S II - T-Mobile
    Samsung Galaxy S II SkyrocketSamsung Galaxy S III
    Samsung GemSamsung Gleam
    Samsung GlossSamsung Glyde
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    Samsung Gravity SGH-T459Samsung Gravity SMART
    Samsung Gravity TSamsung Gravity TXT
    Samsung GT-I9020TSamsung Gusto
    Samsung HavenSamsung Heat
    Samsung Hercules (T-Mobile)Samsung Highnote
    Samsung HMX-S10BNSamsung HMX-S15BN
    Samsung HMX-S16BNSamsung HMX-U10
    Samsung HueSamsung HZ10W
    Samsung HZ15WSamsung Illusion
    Samsung ImpressionSamsung Infuse 4G
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    Samsung InterceptSamsung JetSet
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    Samsung L100Samsung L110
    Samsung L200Samsung L210
    Samsung M370Samsung Mantra
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    Samsung MesmerizeSamsung Messager
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    Samsung MyShotSamsung Nexus S
    Samsung Nexus S 4GSamsung Nimbus
    Samsung OmniaSamsung Optimus S
    Samsung Optimus USamsung Optimus V
    Samsung PM-A740Samsung Propel Pro
    Samsung RantSamsung Reality
    Samsung RenownSamsung Replenish
    Samsung ReppSamsung Restore
    Samsung RookieSamsung Rugby II
    Samsung SCH-A870Samsung SCH-A930
    Samsung SCH-A990Samsung SCH-i110
    Samsung SCH-i220Samsung SCH-i225
    Samsung SCH-i400Samsung SCH-i405
    Samsung SCH-i500Samsung SCH-i510
    Samsung SCH-i910Samsung SCH-R100
    Samsung SCH-R200Samsung SCH-R210
    Samsung SCH-R211Samsung SCH-R250
    Samsung SCH-R260Samsung SCH-R261
    Samsung SCH-R300Samsung SCH-R310
    Samsung SCH-R311Samsung SCH-R330
    Samsung SCH-R360Samsung SCH-R400
    Samsung SCH-R430Samsung SCH-R450
    Samsung SCH-R470Samsung SCH-R500
    Samsung SCH-R550Samsung SCH-R570
    Samsung SCH-R610Samsung SCH-R630
    Samsung SCH-R640Samsung SCH-R710
    Samsung SCH-R720Samsung SCH-R730
    Samsung SCH-R850Samsung SCH-R860
    Samsung SCH-T300Samsung SCH-U320
    Samsung SCH-U420Samsung SCH-U430
    Samsung SCH-U440Samsung SCH-U520
    Samsung SCH-U540Samsung SCH-U660
    Samsung SCH-U700Samsung SCH-U740
    Samsung SCH-U750Samsung SCH-U810
    Samsung SCH-U820Samsung SCH-U940
    Samsung SeekSamsung SGH-A117
    Samsung SGH-A137Samsung SGH-A167
    Samsung SGH-A197Samsung SGH-A226
    Samsung SGH-A227Samsung SGH-A237
    Samsung SGH-A597Samsung SGH-A637
    Samsung SGH-A667Samsung SGH-A687
    Samsung SGH-A697Samsung SGH-A707
    Samsung SGH-A717Samsung SGH-A727
    Samsung SGH-A736Samsung SGH-A737
    Samsung SGH-A797Samsung SGH-A817
    Samsung SGH-A847Samsung SGH-A877
    Samsung SGH-A887Samsung SGH-A927
    Samsung SGH-C416Samsung SGH-C417
    Samsung SGH-D820Samsung SGH-i400
    Samsung SGH-i627Samsung SGH-i727
    Samsung SGH-i777Samsung SGH-i897
    Samsung SGH-i917Samsung SGH-I997
    Samsung SGH-S300Samsung SGH-S300m
    Samsung SGH-S307Samsung SGH-T101G
    Samsung SGH-T109Samsung SGH-T139
    Samsung SGH-T155GSamsung SGH-T201G
    Samsung SGH-T209Samsung SGH-T219
    Samsung SGH-T239Samsung SGH-T249
    Samsung SGH-T259Samsung SGH-T301G
    Samsung SGH-T329Samsung SGH-T359
    Samsung SGH-T369Samsung SGH-T379
    Samsung SGH-T404GSamsung SGH-T429
    Samsung SGH-T469Samsung SGH-T479
    Samsung SGH-T499Samsung SGH-T519
    Samsung SGH-T528GSamsung SGH-T539
    Samsung SGH-T559Samsung SGH-T589
    Samsung SGH-T609Samsung SGH-T619
    Samsung SGH-T629Samsung SGH-T639
    Samsung SGH-T669Samsung SGH-T729
    Samsung SGH-T739Samsung SGH-T759
    Samsung SGH-T809Samsung SGH-T819
    Samsung SGH-T919Samsung SGH-T929
    Samsung SGH-T939Samsung SGH-T959
    Samsung SGH-T959VSamsung SGH-T989
    Samsung SGH-X495Samsung SGH-X496
    Samsung SGH-X497Samsung SGH-ZX30
    Samsung SideKick 4GSamsung Siren
    Samsung SkyrocketSamsung SL102
    Samsung SL201Samsung SL202
    Samsung SL310WSamsung SL420
    Samsung SL502Samsung SL620
    Samsung SL720Samsung Smiley
    Samsung SMX-C10Samsung SMX-C14
    Samsung SMX-K40Samsung SMX-K45
    Samsung SolsticeSamsung Solstice II
    Samsung SpexSamsung SPH-A303
    Samsung SPH-A503Samsung SPH-A513
    Samsung SPH-A740Samsung SPH-A900
    Samsung SPH-D600Samsung SPH-D700
    Samsung SPH-D710Samsung SPH-D720
    Samsung SPH-M220Samsung SPH-M260
    Samsung SPH-M300Samsung SPH-M305
    Samsung SPH-M330Samsung SPH-M340
    Samsung SPH-M350Samsung SPH-M500
    Samsung SPH-M510Samsung SPH-M520
    Samsung SPH-M540Samsung SPH-M550
    Samsung SPH-M570Samsung SPH-M580
    Samsung SPH-M610Samsung SPH-M630
    Samsung SPH-M800Samsung SPH-M810
    Samsung SPH-M820Samsung SPH-M850
    Samsung SPH-M900Samsung SPH-M930
    Samsung SPH-N300Samsung SPH-N400
    Samsung StratosphereSamsung Stride
    Samsung StripeSamsung Strive
    Samsung StuntSamsung Suede
    Samsung SunburstSamsung Sync
    Samsung TL90Samsung Trace
    Samsung TransfixSamsung Transform
    Samsung Transform UltraSamsung TwoStep
    Samsung VGA1000Samsung VI660
    Samsung VibrantSamsung Vitality
    Samsung ZealSanyo Katana DLX
    Sanyo SCP-2400Sanyo SCP-3100
    Sanyo SCP-7000Sanyo SCP-8500
    Siemens Blue AngelSiemens MDA III
    Siemens PDA2KSiemens SX66
    Sony BloggieSony MHS-CM5
    Sony MHS-PM5Sony Ericsson A2216
    Sony Ericsson T300Sony Ericsson T306
    Sony Ericsson T310Sony Ericsson T316
    Sony Ericsson VivazSony Ericsson Xperia Arc
    Sony Ericsson Xperia PlaySony Ericsson Xperia X10
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 miniSony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro
    UTStarcom CDM-120UTStarcom CDM-7025
    UTStarcom CDM-7026UTStarcom CDM-7126
    UTStarcom CDM-8600UTStarcom CDM-8630
    UTStarcom CDM-8900UTStarcom Coupe
    UTStarcom MogulUTStarcom P4000
    UTStarcom PPC-6600UTStarcom PPC-6601
    UTStarcom PPC-6700UTStarcom PPC6800
    UTStarcom TitanUTStarcom VX-6700
    UTStarcom XV6600UTStarcom XV6700
    UTStarcom XV6800
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