MedXP Literature

The MedXP Battery is a lightweights, lithium-ion battery pack that delivers long lasting, reliable run time. It's design allows caregivers to easily install and use the battery on their workstation.

For more detailed information, view the table and data sheets below.

Various Manufacturer Tips

 Make  Model  Tip  Peak Wattage  Average Wattage
 Tobi  C-12  M9    
 Dynavox  Vmax  M3    
 Tangent  Vita LT  M9  42  22
 IEI  AUPS-B20  M9    
 Infologix  Power Cube  M32  46  30
 Mag  20" Monitor  M9    30
 Datalux  IOX  M9  40  30
 Wyse  R90L  M9  26  17
 Cybernet  All Models  M40 &M40B    



Safety Data Sheet Li-Ion Batteries
IATA MedXP 300
MedXP 300v3 Manual
MedXP 300v3 Specification Sheet
MedXP 300v4 Specification Sheet
UL Certification MedXP 300
UN Document MedXP 300