MedXP 400 Auxiliary Battery Pack




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MedXP 400 Auxiliary unit for the MedXP 400 Flex Swap Modular Battery System

  • Model: MedXP-400-AUX
  • Battery Spec: 3.6V, 3350mAh, 289Whr Total Power
  • Uses LG MJ1 lithium ion battery cells
  • Charging Voltage/Current per cell: 4.2V/ 3350mAh 
  • Works with MedXP-400-BASE
  • Can be charged in the MEDXP-EX2BCH Dual Bay Charger
  • IEC60601 and UL Tested



The MedXP-400-AUX is the 289Whr Auxiliary unit for the MedXP-400 Battery System. 

When using both main and auxiliary batteries together a combined 432Whr of power is available.

Hot-swappable - the discharged auxiliary pack can be safely removed and replaced without interrupting the power to your device. 

The MedXP-400-AUX battery is delivered below 30% capacity based on shipping regulations. Please fully charge before use.

Please use and store the MedXP-400 in a cool, dry area.



To charge the MedXP-400-AUX, use with only the Amstron MedXP-400-BASE or MEDXP-EX2BCH Dual Bay Charger.

The MedXP-400-AUX can be fully charged in under 4 hours. However, charge time may increase if your device is being used while charging.

During charging, the main battery pack will charge first and the auxiliary pack will charge second. During discharge, the auxiliary battery will be depleted first.

A green LED bar will blink within the battery level bars to show main base battery charging or AUX battery charging.

A charging icon will be lit on the face of the battery to indicate the battery is receiving power from the AC Adapter.


Shipping Restrictions

Class 9 for Air Shipping.

Additional charges may apply depending on destination. Not all areas served.

Air Service is not guaranteed due to regulations regarding the transport of lithium cells on aircraft - shipping delays are possible for expedited shipping (Overnight, 2nd Day Air, 3rd Day Air).