MedXP 400 Hot Swap Li-ion Battery System for Medical Carts




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MedXP 400 Flex Swap Modular Battery System

Features & Benefits
- Powerful Hot Swap Battery System
- Turn-key and Cost Effective
- Light & Small Form Factor Allows Higher Mounting
- Advanced & Safe LG MJ1 Li-Ion Technology
- Interchangeable Tips available for multiple devices
- Multiple Output Power DC / AC**
- Easy integration for non-powered carts
- Retro-fit legacy carts
- Simultaneously power monitors, computers, scanners
- High Capacity & Life Cycle > 2,000 Cycles

- On-Screen Battery Monitoring for Windows Download


Technical Specifications  
Model No. MEDXP-400
Chemistry Li-Ion LG MJ1
Voltage Range 5V ~ 24V
Battery Capacity Total 434Whr | Main 145Whr | Aux 289Whr
Expected Life Cycle > 2,000 Battery Discharge Cycles (2~6 years)
Protection Over Charge/Discharge/Current/Temperature
  Short Circuit, Cell Imbalance
Max Power 180W Max DC
Charging Time Up to 5 Hours
Warranty * 2 Yr or 2,000 Battery Cycles
Operating Temperature -10 to 35 ° C (discharge) | 10 to 35 ° C (charge)
Storage Temperature -20 to 20°C
State of Charge Indicator Main Battery (Digital), Auxiliary Battery (5 LED)
Mounting VESA Mount Holes, Anti-Theft Security Lock Slot


1. Channel A 12V/16V/19V/24V Max 120W DC
2. Channel B 12V/16V/19V/24V Max 120W DC
3. Inverter Output 16V ~ 28V 150W Max DC.
3a. Optional Inverter 100VAC/120VAC (50/60hz) Pure Sine
4. USB-C PD 3.0 5~20V @ 3A or 45W Max DC
5. USB-A 5~12V @ 2.4A or 18W Max DC
Total Output Combined 180W


Input Voltage  
Power Supply Input 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  28V 7.1Ah 200W DC


Certifications & Regulatory
RoHS EU Version UL/IEC 62133-2:2017
UN/DOT 38.3 IEC 60601-1 TESTED
FCC : 47 CFR 15B CE (EU) : EMCD & LVD
EN 55011: 2016/A1:2017 EN 61000-3-2:2018
EN 61000-3-3: 2017  
Class 9 Air Dangerous Good HTS Code: 8507.60.0000


- Main Pack, Aux Pack, Power Supply
- Secure Connect Output Cables 2 units
- Standard Set of Tips for Devices
- Battery Monitoring Software (Windows App)

Shipping Restrictions

Class 9 for Air Shipping.

Additional charges may apply depending on destination. Not all areas served.

Air Service is not guaranteed due to regulations regarding the transport of lithium cells on aircraft - shipping delays are possible for expedited shipping (Overnight, 2nd Day Air, 3rd Day Air).

MEDXP-400 Battery System is delivered below 30% capacity based on shipping regulations. Please fully charge before use.


pdf-iconx30.png MedXP 400 Technical Data Sheet

pdf-iconx30.png MedXP 400 Manual